Support services

If you have any queries about our engineering services, contact the help desk staff at MGC Technical Service Ltd today.


Do you have any questions or problems with our production software? Are you receiving unexpected error messages? Or do you have some feedback to improve the software?

Please visit our customer portal or our help desk. With their broad knowledge and knowledge, our help desk staff always find a suitable solution for your question. For user questions, of course, always consult the manuals.
Separate help desk CAD / CAM, ERP and APM. 
MGC Technical Service help desk CAD / CAM, ERP and APM .

To provide the right support, we have our own help desk per product group. Our help desk staff specialise in ERP (Plan-de-CAMpagne), CAD / CAM (TopSolid) or APM (APM + Advanced Products Management System).


Remote support

If you raise a concern, we can assist you remotely through TeamViewer. We will then see your screen and your actions. We can even take control of your computer, so you get a live demonstration of the solution. This remote support gives you the opportunity to solve simple or complex issues quickly and efficiently.


Status message

Over 80% of all reports are handled on the same day. Answers to more complex issues sometimes take a little longer. When you work with Plan-de-CAMpagne, you get access to the status of open and completed help desk messages via the ERP system.

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