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Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Do you have capacity to plan efficiently?

Agreeing on delivery dates and actually making them is essential for successful manufacturing management. The planner fulfils a crucial role in this process. The planner needs to oversee capacity and stock. And, just as important, how to produce as efficient as possible in order to strengthen your competitive position and meeting all your agreements.

Capacity planning = INSIGHT

Plan-de-CAMpagne is a complete, well-organized and user-friendly ERP application which optimizes the efficiency of the company’s processes. Each planner can continuously monitor order feasibility, utilisation abnormalities and possible room for new orders. Proper insight into the process makes for proper decisions.

Detailed planning = TO ADJUST

Observed problems can be solved by adjustments in the production process through planning. Plan-de-CAMpagne offers a series of functions which enable the planner to change the routing. Consequences for other departments such as purchasing, are processed automatically. Whilst considering the materials’ delivery lead times the appropriate order time is determined. Additionally, Plan-de-CAMpagne enables you to cluster orders easily, thus reducing set up costs and producing more efficiently, read more competitively.

Plan-de-CAMpagne offers both planning against infinite as well as definite capacity or even a combination of both policies. Besides, Plan-de-CAMpagne offers you the opportunity to work with several plan boards simultaneously, so each department can work with its own planning.

The functions

A number of functions to optimize production planning are available to the planner:

● Subcontracting operations

● Splitting operations

● Changing delivery dates

● Switching priorities

● Altering purchases

● Adjusting capacity

● Manual planning changes

● Clustering orders with the same materials, operations, etc.

Insight & Overview

Insight in the current state of the entire business operation is at hand in just one button click. Any overdue orders, outstanding purchase actions and task lists are available at a glance. Thanks to Plan-de-CAMpagne you do not overlook anything anymore.

Efficient planning with Plan-de-CAMpagne

● Increased efficiency: one button click has you well informed again

● Complete overview of work in progress

● Delivery lead times of materials are calculated automatically

● Consequences of defective machines, late delivery of materials and illness of employees are calculated immediately and turned into a new planning

● Combining of planning according to infinite and definite capacity

● Planning orders from start date or from delivery date

● Manual planning is always possible

● Online time registration can be filled directly, starting from detailed planning

● Planning urgent orders easily

● Detailed information of each order in one click

● You cannot forget anything: overview provides insight

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