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MGC Technical Service provide CIMCO solution for local company

MGC Technical Service Ltd, an independent company based in Aberdeen, Scotland, are a small business founded in 2017 by Grzegorz Cempiel, a lean six sigma blackbelt with extensive experience in workshop operations. Dedicated to providing technical and software solutions to help their clients improve productivity and efficiency, MGC are an authorised reseller of CIMCO, as well as other CAD/CAM and ERP software, in the UK and Ireland market.

Recently, MGC Technical Service have provided a CIMCO DNC-Max server for a local company in Aberdeen. When asked why they chose MGC Technical Service Ltd, the Production Manager stated “We used MGC as we currently use MGC for programming when time isn’t on our side to carry out ourselves. As MGC was the current provider of CIMCO software and we had spoken with Grzegorz about some issues we were having using PMC cards to load programs to the machines, he suggested and quoted for DNC server option.

A major benefit of the DNC-Max server is that it streamlines the process of sending the CIMCO programme to the individual CNC machines by incorporating Wi-fi. To complete this, the CNC machines had to be updated with new hardware to make them wi-fi enabled. The installation of a WLAN AP/Bridge/Client was also required to allow the transfer of data from the master PC to the individual CNC machines.

On the left, the Moxa NPORT W2150A Wireless serial device, Top Right, the Moxa Wireless device attached to the CNC Console, Bottom Right, The Moxa AWK-3131A-EU AP/Bridge/Client

The MGC Technical Service Ltd Managing Director Grzegorz, being highly skilled in working with CNC machines and programming, not only carried out the installation of the DNC-Max server, but also changed the CNC parameters to accommodate the new server. In addition, he took extra measures to boost the signal ensuring a consistent connection between the PC and the CNC machines. Grzegorz also updated the companies software to the latest version of CIMCO software to ensure that the company experienced the best impact on productivity.

Some of the other benefits of the DNC-Max solution that MGC Technical Service implemented are that the company can keep traceability of the CNC programmes, improve connectivity, speed up the process of sending the programme to the CNC machines and providing the project manager with the ability to review any changes made to the programme and with CIMCO version 8, can compare the changed programme side by side with the original.

The spokesperson for the local company stated that the upgrade “has vastly improved Program control and reliability in getting from our main server to the machine.

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