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Costing on the CNC Workshop

Updated: Mar 8

The same question for each new job at the CNC Workshop - How long will it last?

If we did similar work, we have a reference point, and if it is something new? - we guess?

It is important to correctly price the work, to win the valuation and still earn, not to lose on the order.

Years ago where I was responsible for the valuation of new works, I made a comprehensive spread sheet, but if I knew that SolidWorks has a great tool for valuations, the work would be much easier.

SOLIDWORKS Costing Overview - You can define or override system-level costing options in the Costing Options dialog box.

You can select sheet metal costing options to:

> Estimate the cost of sheet metal parts from a machining template.

> Apply fixed custom costs to sheet metal features, such as bends, hems, or library features.

You can select machining costing options to:

> Recognize removed material as volume features.

> Assign a default machining operation to volume features, or calculate the cost of volume features by assigning a per volume cost to the removed material.

> Assign the default surface finishing operation for milling and turning.

> Override template settings for offset-based finishing. You can enter a value for the offset from the machined surface for finishing and semi finishing operations.

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