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🔶 7 April - Design Like a Hero: An introduction to xWorks and SOLIDWORKS Cloud 🔶

➡️ Design when you want, where you want, whenever inspiration strikes. With 3DEXPERIENCE® Works you have the power to create, share ideas and collaborate anywhere.

➡️ CAD or Computer Aided Design has been with us for decades, but how much does your CAD really “aid” you in your work? Does it predict your next move? Or offer useful advice on manufacturability? Does it make your data secure and accessible from anywhere, on any device?

➡️ In just 30 minutes, join Mark Rushton, Senior Manager 3DEXPERIENCE Works, to discover the next generation of design tools from SOLIDWORKS®.

🔶 Host: @Mark RUSHTON

👉 Product: xDesign (3DEXPERIENCE Works)


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