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🔶21st April - Starters Guide to Drop Tests 🔶

Updated: Apr 30

➡️ Enhance your virtual testing capability with the Abaqus® Explicit solver in 3DEXPERIENCE® SIMULIA® Structural Mechanics Engineer. ➡️ Once the drop test, otherwise known as the free-fall or dynamic impact test, was seen only in high tech industries which had stringent safety certifications. However drop tests are now conducted by many industries, across a range of products, regardless whether certification requirements exist.

➡️ Why? Because Quality Assurance does not end at the factory. It is in the best interests of creators to ensure their product meets the customer in the same condition as it left the manufacturer. A broken or damaged product can impact brand impressions as well as increase recalls.

➡️ REGISTER NOW for the webinar on April 21st, 2022 at 9:30am GMT and join us for 45 minutes to learn how to configure a basic drop test, enabling you to assess your product for unexpected drops in operation, packaging and logistics.

🔶 Host: @John MCCREADY ​​​​​​​

👉 Product: SIMULIA


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