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ERP for manufacturing companies

Manufacturing companies in the Netherlands and abroad generally improve their efficiency by 30% when they manage their company’s processes using Plan-de-CAMpagne ERP software. Integrating all information regarding quotations, orders, stock, planning, purchasing, capacity, production and invoicing in one ERP system improves your company’s process as a whole from order entry to order delivery.

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Why Plan-de-CAMpagne (ERP) from Bemet?

  • One year ROI

  • Developed by our specialists from your business practice

  • User friendly and easy to learn ERP software

  • Cost saving and easy to apply to your daily practice thanks to its modular structure

  • Professional implementation (on average in two months)

  • One system with existing interfaces with CAD/CAM, tool management and accounting systems

You are looking for an ERP-solution for:


Process in view, higher delivery reliability and more profit


Gain insight into and monitor the logistic process, stock and material certificates

Work planners:

Pre and post-calculations, order progress, orders and time registration


Gain insight into capacity, task lists, work in progress and delivery times

Small (one-man) companies: 

More production time and less time spent on administration


ERP for managers

To defy competition, an efficient business operation is of vital importance. Integrating all information – from order entry to order delivery- in one system will improve your company’s process as a whole. This way you can even gain up to 50% efficiency improvement.


Plan-de-CAMpagne advantages for Managers:


  • One button click gives you insight into your company’s processes

  • Reduction of costs and errors due to single data entry

  • Increased delivery reliability due to clear planning and insight into logistics processes

  • 50% increase due to software integration: data from Plan-de-CAMpagne is directly available in CAD/CAM-, tool management- and accounting-systems

  • Clear overviews and management reports


ERP for work planners

Create pre-calculations, set up routings, prepare and place orders, and check stock automatically. With Plan-de-CAMpagne you can start the whole production process within a few seconds. In this way you get a detailed overview of the production planning and a continuous clear graphical overview of the progress of each individual order. Fast, well organised, and simple.


Advantages of Plan-de-CAMpagne to work planners:

  • From drawing to production in 2 minutes

  • A time saving of 75% thanks to data entry using the product configurator

  • Single data entry

  • Insight into the real order times thanks to online time registration

  • Exact post-calculations, planning and delivery time right the first time


ERP for purchasers

Overview is the keyword for the purchaser. Which materials are in stock, ordered, received or rejected? When will subcontractings arrive? Which orders are already being produced? Which raw material has a certificate? Maintaining overview makes for deadlines being met and a streamlined production process.

Advantages of Plan-de-CAMpagne to purchasers:

  • Purchase and logistics overview per order and total overview

  • Detailed overview of price structure, pre- and post-calculation and certificates per order

  • Automatic generation of purchase order lines

  • Purchase at very competitive prices

  • Accurate post-calculations

  • Possibility to easily intervene on time


ERP for planners

Agreeing on delivery dates and actually meeting them is essential for successful manufacturing management. The planner fulfils a crucial role in this process. In Plan-de-CAMpagne insight in the order progress, capacity, stock and tasks lists is at hand just in one button click. Consequences of defective machines, late delivery of materials or illness of employees are calculated immediately. By (automatically) changing the route, you can solve problems and meet your agreements.

Advantages of Plan-de-CAMpagne to planners:

  • Continuously monitoring order feasibility

  • Planning orders from start date or delivery date

  • Combining of planning according to infinite and definite capacity

  • Planning urgent orders easily

  • Complete overview of work in progress

  • Twice as many orders with the same capacity


ERP for small (one-man) companies

Plan-de-CAMpagne LA (Local Access) is a full ERP system at a minimum price, easily scalable for small and medium sized companies, from one employee up. PdC offers the opportunity to keep an entire administration, pre-calculations as well as post-calculations, quotations and invoices in one powerful production management system.



Save at least 25% of your time



Time spent on finding information is no longer an issue. The efficient single point of data entry in PdC enables easy retrieval of any information required. You can save at least 25% of the time spent on administrative tasks; a direct gain so you can focus on your core business: the production itself.


Advantages Plan-de-CAMpagne for sole traders:

  • User-friendly, intuitive and easy to learn ERP software

  • Cost saving and error reduction thanks to single data entry

  • MGC Technical Service

  • The LA version can easily be expanded from one workplace to many more users

  • Free licence at an annual subscription (helpdesk and software updates) at attractive monthly rate

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