Advanced Production Management System

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Optimisation of shaping production processes for an improvement of efficiency

APM+ is tool management and more – especially made for manufacturing companies. The most important module is Quality+ for companies that wish to deliver quality and with Tool+ for efficient use of clamping tools on CNC machines. APM stands for ‘Advanced Production Management system’. Where an ERP system ends with the work planning for production, APM+ continues with the work planning for the shop floor.


In APM, an article-bound shop floor preparation of all CNC tools is carried out on an operational level. The target: to let the machine produce more by reducing the set-up time and change-over time, using the present production tools.


Why APM software from Bemet?

  • More available machine capacity using the present production tools

  • Optimal stock of tools, measuring tools and clamping tools, thanks to insight into location management and stock management 

  • Existing interfaces with CAD/CAM (e.g. Solidworks) and ERP (Plan-de-CAMpagne)

  • Pleasant working atmosphere on the shop floor thanks to good organisation and a good information flow

  • Quality improvement by setting up and managing measuring tools, measuring lists and calibration data

  • Graphical insight into SPC (Statistic Process Control)


APM+ consists of the following modules:



  • Managing clamping tools

  • Preparing tool lists

  • Tracking tools on the shop floor logistically



  • Managing measuring tools with unique calibration data and location data

  • Preparing measuring lists

  • Managing order bound measuring data



  • Managing clamping tools including location data

  • Preparing clamping bills of materials




  • Managing CAM data and/or NC data

  • Preparing tool lists

  • Tuning prepared and current tool data